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Valentina Pucciano
Valentina Pucciano

Travel Explorer & Writer

What does Deep Travel mean to you?
Travelling = passion. It’s that simple. Excitement and anticipation courses through my body when I wake up in a new country, sampling the cuisine, and getting to know the local culture. To travel deep means feeling the journey rather than ticking a box, and coming out of it a richer person. 

What type of travel writing will you dazzle us with?
Travel guides and personal reflections, often with the solo female traveller’s perspective, that inspire others to embark on journeys that turn into adventures of a lifetime. 

Recommendations for places to visit?
Are you on the hunt for a life-changing experience? Try Peru, my top destination so far. First class scenery, but I credit the people I met along the way, now my lifelong friends, for making it a singular trip for me.

Enrico Belcore
Enrico Belcore

Travel Explorer & Writer

What does Deep Travel mean to you?
Deep travelling is going beyond the destination. It’s the process of learning about other
cultures and connecting with people. It means taking an extra step and asking questions,
attempting to look at the world from another point of view.

What type of travel writing defines you?
My writings aim to inspire a more conscious way of travelling. I want to show how
sustainability and nature can be at the core of most destinations, and how slow travelling
often offers a richer and more transformative experience.

Recommendations for places to visit?
Anywhere that is off the beaten track! Even the most popular destinations have plenty of
less known areas that can make for amazing experiences. And perhaps pair the trip with a
specific activity. Whether it’s discovering the natural wines of Val de Loire, birdwatching in
southern New Zealand, or exploring the off-the-grid communities in central Portugal, the
possibilities are countless.


Travel Explorer & Writer

What does Deep Travel mean to you?
It’s more than travelling to take photos, cross a place off the list, and rush to the
next destination.

It is to live experiences, to know and be enveloped by the culture of the place,
it is to become a local citizen but at the same time be impressed and admire each
place with the eyes of a tourist.

What do you like to write about?
I love to convey my experiences and what I learned and share all information that can
guide whoever reads it on their next adventure. What to do, where to have the best
view, a nice coffee, or an inspiring museum.

What are your favourite places to visit?
My most difficult question because I always highlight the best of each place (which
makes me always want to return) but if I must make a top 3 it would be: my city
Cusco, London, and the south of France. And any city in Peru, and yes, I added an
extra place because it is worth it.

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