Deep Travel Optimisation

From our conversations with travellers and readers, we know they crave inspiring stories, interesting people, alluring destinations, and meaningful activities in accordance with their personal interests. Deep travellers long for connections, memories that last, and experiences that shape them as persons. They wish to travel deep.

Who are deep travellers? Are they part of a common travel segment? Yes, and no. It’s a mistake to lump them together, for example, as sustainable tourism oriented, or luxury minded. People are more complex than that and the key to success lies in connecting through specific verticals, be it food, nature, adventure, or culture. Sustainability is one aspect, exclusive experiences, another. One Planet Journey caters to travellers who look for a balanced approach where personal interests take precedence over any particular issue.

Attracting this key target audience will be a deciding factor for destinations and businesses wishing to increase revenue per traveller. Deep travellers stay longer, spend more, and are likelier to talk about their experiences with their peers.

With our proprietary strategic framework, Deep Travel Optimisation (DTO), we aim to inspire, educate and advise travellers, destinations and businesses. DTO is about using a specific vertical to reach the right traveller, knowing what they desire, and how to communicate it. The key to a successful strategy is;


Encourage exploration of a destination’s genuine culture, traditions, and way of life, enabling travellers to connect with the true essence of the places they visit.


Prioritise responsible tourism, which minimises environmental impact, supports local economies, and ensures the long-term preservation of cultural and natural resources.


Your passport to smooth and enjoyable exploration. Meticulous preparations, expert guidance, and cutting-edge technology converge, ensuring every step is a delight. No friction means blending convenience, expertise, and innovation for an extraordinary adventure.


Go beyond conventional tourism and access exclusive or less-visited locations or establishments, providing a more intimate connection with the destination.


Curated, high-quality experiences provide a sense of indulgence while aligning with contemporary values of sustainable luxury.

Local immersion

Take part in cultural activities, engaging with communities, and develop a profound connection with the surroundings.


Tailored to individual preferences and interests, deep travel fosters a uniquely individual and meaningful experience, independent of seasons.

Contact us to learn how Deep Travel Optimisation can work wonders for your next campaign, or as part of your overall strategy.