Strategy work in the travel sector is complex, often involving long-term plans, product development, education and marketing. We provide them all, separately or in tandem, excelling at communicating to, and attracting the type of travellers who stay longer and spend more. A sought after audience, they are growing in size as more and more demand the best out of their precious travel time. Nature, culture, food and wine experiences, local engagement, and sustainable practices – deep travellers are of high value.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve started and made exits from multiple startups, securing venture capital funding along the way. We know how to optimise resources, solve problems, and identify opportunities in challenging environments.

One Planet Journey specialises in:


We thrive on collaborative projects that transcend industry boundaries, addressing vital issues in the travel sector. These initiatives provide participants with fresh insights, fostering positive brand exposure and contributing to the industry’s evolution.

Through our global network, we can connect your company with suitable partners in your desired market or niche for a smoother and accelerated entry.


Engage your audience with purpose-driven campaigns that not only captivate but inspire. We craft our communication strategies to spellbind travellers, encouraging them to embrace deep and sustainable travel, becoming advocates for positive change.

Concept and product Development

Pioneering new tourism offerings and traveller experiences is our forte, dedicated to conceptualising and developing innovative products and services that resonate with the desires of travellers. This also includes customised exclusive field trips.

Key elements of our strategy

content marketing

We leverage the power of compelling stories to create authentic connections between brands and travellers.

digital storytelling

We craft narratives that resonate across social media platforms, engaging audiences and amplifying brand presence.

Our proprietary framework ensures that every aspect of your strategy works in the travel sector, aligning with the principles of Deep Travel. This fosters meaningful and sustainable connections between places, companies and their key target market.

Client sectors

Travel brands
Food and Beverages