At One Planet Journey, we’re crafting journeys through purpose-driven and inspirational narratives that resonate with the hearts of travellers and industry professionals. We showcase your brand and advertising in our travel magazine with a focus on deep travel, providing a spectrum of tailored business models that align with your unique goals and aspirations.

Native Advertising

Immerse your brand in the art of storytelling with our Native Advertising option. Created by your company or a third party, to be featured in our magazine. Choose your own unique format to better stand out in our travel magazine.

We also offer retrofitted content with a seamless transition to your website.

sponsored content

Step into the spotlight with Sponsored Content. Written by us based on your content, and curated for our audience. Tailored to your brand’s messaging and values, this model ensures your voice resonates with our readership, creating an authentic connection with engaging copy.

Choose between different formats like captivating interviews, immersive guides, and informative editorials. Long-lasting, high-ranking, SEO-optimised exposure.

display Ads

Make a stunning impact with our Display Ads option. From banners that command attention to newsletter features that land straight in the inboxes of our engaged audience, or cover page showcases that capture the essence of your content, we provide diverse avenues for your visual storytelling needs.

content creation

Go beyond the written word with our Content Creation services. From eye-catching videos that tell your brand story to strategic social media posts that captivate our online community, we leverage multimedia that resonates with our discerning readership.

Ready to deepen your message?

Contact us for further details. Our collaborative process begins with joint ideation, ensuring that your brand essence and advertising needs aligns with our editorial vision for the travel magazine. From there, we move to creation, execution, and continuous adjustment to optimise results. Let One Planet Journey be the canvas for your brand’s remarkable travel story.