Workshops – Deepening the Dialogue

The founders of One Planet Journey are award-winning speakers, facilitators for travel workshops, and moderators with engagements throughout the US, Europe, Africa and Asia for universities, multinationals, governmental agencies, destinations, and NGOs.

At One Planet Journey, we transcend the ordinary, delving into the depths of travel in order for our readers to maximise their experiences. Our magazine, dedicated to the ethos of Deep Travel, unravels the intricacies of destinations, transport, accommodation, culinary delights, nature, heritage, culture, luxury, and sustainability. Our connection to both demand (travellers) and supply (service providers) gives us unique viewpoints and information that we synthesise into actionable insights.

Topics include, but are not limited to

Deep Travel – a path to increase profit and brand loyalty

Sustainable and responsible tourism – a competitive advantage

Luxury as a driver for more meaningful travel

Food, culture, and nature-based tourism – how to use verticals to attract specific customer segments

Storytelling and travel content as a way to communicate with coveted target audiences

previous engagements


Impact Hub (London, Stockholm, Harare)
Sustainable Restaurants Stockholm
kLab Kigali
AG Advokat


Lund University
Cairo University,
American University Cairo
American University Beirut
The Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm School of Economics
Karolinska Institute
Linköping University
Uppsala University
Berghs communication school

Global Events

Slush (Helsinki)
Stockholm Tech Fest (Stockholm)
Marketing Management Kongress (Berlin)
Rise-Up (Cairo)
TechBBQ (Copenhagen)
IMeetHotel (Amsterdam, Istanbul)

Governmental & NGOs

Swedish Institute
Swedish Embassy Morocco
Junior Achievement
Global Shapers
Startup Grind
British council (Stockholm, Oxford)
City of Lund



Dive into hands-on sessions offering practical insights and strategies for conscious and meaningful exploration. Choose between 2 hour, half or full-day travel workshops with your team.


Engage your audience with thought-provoking seminars that unravel the layers of sustainable tourism, luxury with purpose, and the essence of deep travel.


Ignite inspiration with our captivating keynotes, where we share stories, trends, and the future of travel through the lens of Deep Travel.


Collaborate with One Planet Journey to add a unique dimension to your events. From corporate gatherings to special celebration, our speakers spark meaningful conversations.

Travel fairs

Enrich your travel fairs with our expertise, providing attendees with insights into the transformative potential of Deep Travel. From sustainable travel practices to immersive experiences, we dazzle with the art of storytelling.

Have More ideas?

Contact us, and let’s embark on a collaborative exploration of the world’s most profound travel narratives! Reach out for details and pricing and to book a date for a digital, hybrid or in-person session.