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Welcome to One Planet Journey— Browse and find the stories that speak to your heart, mind, and soul. Travel is art and you are here because you are an adventurous traveller, a curious mind, a wanderer who wants to explore. You love to venture beyond the norm to immerse yourself into the tales of local communities across our diverse and remarkable world. This is your travel magazine, here for you to inspire and be inspired, to empower and be empowered. Connect with people leading and changing the way we travel, from local artisans, hoteliers, chefs, travel entrepreneurs, destination developers, industry experts, and of course, fellow travellers. Discover our articles in TRAVEL.

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Deep Travel is more than collecting passport stamps or sipping cocktails on touristy beaches. Dive into the soul of a place, share meals with locals, and embrace the raw, unfiltered essence of a community. Go beyond sightseeing and become part of the narrative through our travel magazine with in-depth guides covering destinations, food, accommodation, and culture.

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What is?

Food tourism

A travel trend that focuses on experiencing different cultures through their distinctive cuisines and culinary traditions.


Short for glamorous camping, provides an elevated outdoor experience by merging the serenity of nature with the indulgence of upscale living.

REsponsible tourism

An approach to travel that prioritises sustainable and ethical practices, aiming to minimise the environmental and cultural impact while promoting positive contributions to local communities.



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Giuseppe Oliva

“As the pizzaiolo, you have the power to experiment with lots of factors to make a unique product that says something about you. Be an artisan.” 

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