3 Reasons Why Stockholm is on the Sustainable Travel Itinerary for 2023


First, a confession, Stockholm is One Planet Journey’s hometown, and the elongated country of Sweden is our home for large parts of the year. Bias aside, there are compelling reasons to visit Stockholm in 2023 beyond the pristine nature and Abba museum. Without further ado – here are three reasons why Stockholm should be on your deluxe destination list in 2023.


Stockholm City Hall

Picture it. A dazzling celebration of the world’s brightest minds in honour of extraordinary achievements in literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics. Glistening chandeliers, sumptuous cuisine, influential laureates and distinguished guests create an ambience of grandeur and excitement. A display of glitz and glamour that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

If you haven’t received your invitation, don’t fret. In 2023 the same building where the opulent Nobel Prize banquet takes place every December celebrates 100 years. It means plenty of festivities throughout the autumn where you can find yourself in the hallowed Golden and Blue Halls. Fun fact, did you know the City Hall is a favourite wedding spot for Swedes? Everyone wants a touch of luxury when tying the knot.

Stockholm City Hall at night
Stockholm City Hall


Stockholm chosen as European Capital of Gastronomy 2023 – another sustainable travel highlight

Sustainability and exclusive food are common themes in Stockholm foodie circles, many chefs uncompromising in their reinvention of menus with a zeal for local and organic ingredients. The hard work paid off as Stockholm nabbed the European Capital of Gastronomy designation in 2023. Head to the eco-conscious Swedish capital and indulge in dishes crafted with care, where every meal tells a story of ethical sourcing, fair trade, and minimal waste. Fresh seasonal produce and innovative plant-based cuisine redefine the boundaries of sustainability. In Stockholm, food is a celebration of mindful eating for both body and soul. Support the sustainable food movement and sample the culinary magic of Stockholm, where sustainability and gastronomy unite in a symphony of deliciousness.

Fine dining dish with chocolate poured over a brown cake.
Fine dining in Stockholm, European Capital of Gastronomy 2023


A Royal Flair – Sweden turns 500

The famed Gustav Vasa became Sweden’s monarch in 1523, and this year’s national day celebrations on the 6th of June promise to be extra special. Take part in the world’s oldest open-air museum, Skansen, at the Royal Djurgården island. An alternative is the 16th of September, when the Swedish monarch, King Carl Gustaf, commemorates 50 years on the throne. A fancy horse-drawn carriage will carry King and Queen through the streets of Stockholm. 2023 is quite simply the perfect time to sojourn the royal castles around Stockholm.

Hallway in Stockholm Royal castle.
Royal Castle in Stockholm


La Dolce Vita – Stockholm 2023. One Planet Journey will be there, and expect to view and read more content from this cool capital throughout the year. Hope to see you there!

For more tips on sustainable travel activities in Stockholm check out our friends at Reform Travel who cover many local gems in the region.


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