Local Love on a Global Journey – Rediscovering Domestic Travel Post Pandemic


In a world that once seemed boundless, our spirits yearned for far-off lands and distant horizons. As the pandemic unfolded, it clipped our wings and confined travelling to our own homes and borders. Yet, within these walls, a silent transformation occurred – a renewed appreciation for the beauty on our doorsteps. As the shackles of restrictions loosened, a new era of domestic travel emerged, celebrating the wonders of local exploration and embracing the essence of home.


The Awakening of Wanderlust

From the moment we stepped foot outside our doors, a newfound sense of wonder greeted us. The streets, once abandoned, now hummed with life yet again. The ordinary became extraordinary, as if lifting a secret veil and revealing hidden treasures and untold stories. We ventured with open hearts, eager to rediscover the magic that had always been there, waiting patiently for our return.

Never did we appreciate the beauty of our areas more. For Maral and I, it meant time to enjoy and extend the local beach season, taking in new sights, going straight to the surrounding farms to buy milk, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables, venturing deeper into the slow travel and food movement. I mean, what says luxury more than when you call in the request to your resident fisherman, and the fish comes directly off the boat on the morning after?

Cherry tomatoes in all colours
Tomatoes from Bjäre Peninsula, Sweden


The Treasures of Domestic Travel and Local Tourism

In our quest for adventure, we embarked on journeys in neglected nearby towns, trekked rolling hills, and pristine coastlines. We became captivated by the richness of our own backyard – the quaint cafes nestled in the narrow alleyways of Old Town Stockholm, the irrepressible beauty of the archipelago with its thousands of islands. Not to mention ancient landmarks that whispered tales of bygone eras such as the UNESCO heritage sight of Grimeton, a pioneer in transcontinental communication at the beginning of the 20th century. Each step turned into exploration, every corner an invitation to unravel the mysteries of our localities.

We live in both Stockholm and in the south of Sweden in Skåne and have the luxury of discovering everything that lies in between as well. The cutesy charm of the cloister town Vadstena with its impressive church and castle, the ruins of Brahehus overlooking Lake Vättern, and the haunting national park, Stora Mossen, as a few examples.

Castle with moat
Vadstena Castle


Embracing the Local Rhythm

As we delved deeper into this way of life, time slowed down, and we became attuned to the pulse of our surroundings. We learned to appreciate the simplicity of a leisurely stroll through a forest, the joy of conversing with neighbours, and indulging in homemade delicacies. Our senses awakened as we savoured the aroma and taste of freshly baked bread with flour from the oldest mill in Sweden. The art of eating well heightened during the pandemic and we’ve accelerated our efforts ever since. You can expect to see more fine dining and home made food based on hyper local ingredients on the platform in future posts.

Bread straight from the oven
Home-made sourdough buns – Slow Food in action


Sustainable Serenade

Beyond the personal enrichment of domestic travel, a stronger resonance echoed through our new found sensibility – the harmony between sustainability and the appreciation of our environment. By exploring nearby destinations, we minimised our carbon footprint and supported local economies, nurturing the places that sustained the community during the pandemic. The lessons learned from our Sweden focus made us decide to adopt similar thinking while outside the country. Therefore, a plan to spend 5 months abroad during the next winter took place, a chance to live like locals, explore our favourite cities in a deeper and more meaningful way. You can read about our experiences here.

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The Reverberation of Connection

Through our journeys, we discovered not only the beauty of our surroundings, but also the warmth of human communication. We bonded with locals who welcomed us into their communities. Conversations unfolded like poetry, because in a world fragmented by isolation, the power of shared presence made all the difference.


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